And so the adventure begins…

“Be Brave. Take Chances. Make it Happen.”


There are people that just dream and there are people that make things happen. I represent those of us who make it happen. While I have many dreams and aspirations, I have never lacked the will-power or determination to get these things done! So here I am, Sabria Jones or Sabria J as this site will reference me, with my personal blog that was once just a dream. This blog is for the go-getter girl, the girl who believes in herself and trusts her own strength, the girl who is struggling to find her way, and every girl in between.

Although this is a personal blog, I have also created it to be a powerful community platform for ladies to voice their thoughts, dreams, aspirations, and anything else that comes to mind. We are all hustling through this journey called life. I am just documenting as I go along.

So hey boss ladies, let’s chat!



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