3 Tools to Feed Your Spirit


I began this year with a plan and a purpose. As I have always been a person motivated to achieve all of my goals, I was missing God’s plan and purpose for my life. I was attending Church regularly, thinking that I was living in his image, but I soon realized that I was just hearing His word and not applying it. I have experienced many trials and tribulations although I am very young. Many times I felt as if I was failing God and not living the way he planned for me to. I had to open my heart and my mind and let God in. Feeding my Spirit was a personal lesson and I am dedicating my year to diving deep and looking to God to reveal my purpose.

So, I themed this year the year of fulfillment. I wanted to learn to understand God’s word beyond what I heard from my Bishop in Church. I had to figure out ways to live in God’s image and allow the Holy Spirit to fill my body. For any of you who have struggled to really understand your purpose and God’s meaning for your life, these tools are for you! I purchased a journal and every day I try to write about my findings, my Faith, and also whatever comes to mind. I feel so much closer to God and it has been through my own spiritual journey.

1. Instagram

While you may not think Instagram is a way to grow your faith, I have found a couple of Instagram pages that feature inspirational quotes, life lessons, and scriptures. These pages help me daily as every morning before I start my day, I check my social media pages (such a millennial) and I feel blessed by the Word immediately. Here are my two favorites:

Sprinkle of Jesus

InstaGod Ministries

2. #ASpiritualWarrior

I actually came across #ASpiritualWarrior by Chatoya A. on Twitter. I began to follow Twitter accounts that would remind me of my faith journey and I came across a Scripture challenge. Each day there is a new scripture or book of the Bible (depending on the month). This is a self-study but Twitter has a community of followers where I am able to read their interpretations of the Scriptures and participate in thought-provoking conversations about the Word. Here is the to her TWITTER where you will find the Scripture challenges. She also has a website for those of you who want more than just a Twitter post. Check it out!

3. Eat. Pray. Hustle.: Dream Chasing God’s Way. 

This book was AMAZING! I started this devotional as the first way to grow closer to God, through my dreams, and I am so happy I did! This is great for those of you who need God’s Word on a more intimate and personal level. I felt as a go-getter this devotional was catered to me. It was special, and my Faith has grown tremendously through reading this. You can purchase it HERE.

I hope some of you find these helpful and start your own Spiritual Journey. ♥




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