3 Ways to Manage Your Time Better

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you_ll never get it done.” – Bruce Lee

Are you struggling with time management? Do you blame your lack of this skill on college because of studying, class, and work? Well guess what? I’m in college too! And while I may not have it all together, I am pretty good at time management and planning. Here are a few tips for you to better manage your time.

1. Purchase a planner

This is extremely important for my daily responsibilities. I am extremely organized. I also have pretty good penmanship which helps with my cleanliness in my planner. I write down all responsibilities as soon as they are assigned or acknowledged, important dates, and duties I need to accomplish throughout the week. This way I am aware of everything that I have to do by the day, week, and month. Additionally, my planner has an inspirational quote for every month and week which inspires me to accomplish my goals every day!

2. Sync your calendars

Personally, I do not do this as much because I like to write things down and calendar notifications annoy me, but this works for many of my friends. If you depend on technology more than pen and paper, make sure that all of your calendars are synced so that you are aware of your responsibilities on all platforms. This is usually already done if you have products from the same brand such as an iPhone, Macbook, iPad, etc., but if you have different products where you must make separate calendars, you should definitely try to sync the calendars to your email address so that you do not miss anything.

3. Cut out any distractions

This isnt the easiest but it is the most important in my opnion. Many times, as millenials, we are never working on just one thing. We are expert multi-taskers. We can type a paper, read an article, Facetime our friends, watch our favorite tv show, and scroll social media all while listening to music. Unfortunately, this isnt the best recipe to success. In order to manage your time better, you have to cut out these distractions. Time management is dedicating time to those specific items. Once we all learn to cut out our distractions, we’ll notice an improvement in our time management skils.

How are you learning to better manage your time? Let me know in the comments below. 



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