My Top 3 Airlines to Fly On


1. Delta Air Lines

Delta is definitely my favorite airline! I prefer to fly Delta for all flights but especially long flights. Delta has screens for longer flights that allow you to watch free movies and shows on Delta Studio. Aside from these screens, I find their seats extremely comfortable and the flight attendants are all great.

2. American Airlines

American is my second favorite and preferred airline. I am always able to find cheap prices and great seats on American flights! I have no complaints, usually, and find American Airlines to be extremely convenient. I do wish that American offered screens for free movies on longer flights. Other than that, I prefer to fly with this airline.

3. Southwest Airlines

I really only fly Southwest if I am flying with a lot of baggage. Southwest does not fly to as many locations as the other airlines thus I am not able to fly with Southwest as often. For example, I am originally from Savannah, GA and if I book a Southwest flight I will have to arrive in either Jacksonville, FL or Charleston, SC which are both an hour and a half driving difference from Savannah, GA. Aside from the lack of convenient destinations, Southwest ALWAYS has great prices and allows you to check two bags free.

Next time you’re booking a flight, try out these airlines!



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