Soulful Sunday

Good Morning, Today I want you all to reflect. I have been watching a Youtuber by the name of FaceOverMatter (you should definitely check her out) for years. Recently, she has began to make videos about her relationship with God, not her religion. These videos have been AMAZING for me! If you have been reading my blog, you’d know that I have been on a Spiritual Journey, learning to better my relationship with Christ. This journey has not been easy. I have lost my way many times and felt as though God was not reaching me nor was I hearing His voice. While God speaks to everyone differently, something that helps me hear God’s voice is the power of other people’s tongue! I have been reading devotionals and watching my favorite Youtubers such as FACEOVERMATTER in order to listen to their experience with building their relationship! I had to understand that God would not speak to me in the same way he spoke to them, but I have learned so much more about growing in Faith through these tools. While this post isn’t to give you tips on your Spiritual Journey, I just want to assure you that everything you’re doing is worth it. I am so passionate about having Christ in my life and chasing my dreams with Him. My relationship with God is teaching me to love myself! I asked God to reveal my talents, flaws, and gifts. I am becoming just what God has destined for me to be. So on this Sunday, I push you to reflect on who you are and who you want to be. Allow God to speak to you today. Open up your heart to the Lord. What’s important is that you learn to heal and grow. Reflect on what God has promised you, and I am sure that this journey will work out for you too!

Be blessed lovelies.



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