Happy New Year!

Almost a year ago I started this blog with so many goals. I didn’t know just how difficult my senior year would be and my blog fell victim to my lack of inspiration. I found myself struggling to find the happiness in anything whether it be classwork, friendships, relationships, etc. No matter how much I flowered myself with “self-love” nothing seemed to make Fall of senior year easier. It is now 2018, I am 4 months from graduation and I am happier than ever. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and I am so happy to finally have the inspiration to start blogging again.


I had the pleasure of spending my New Years Eve in Atlanta with my friends. I had such an amazing time bringing in the new year surrounded by love and happiness. So here’s to much success in 2018. I wish all of you the most and I hope that you all stick with me as I bring new content to my blog this year.



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