Travel Files: Napa Valley


While in California this summer, I traveled with my friends to the beautiful Napa Valley. Not only was the weather beautiful but I enjoyed some of the best wines and oils. In order to take advantage of as much as we could in a day, we visited 3 vineyards that served free wine, including the famous Sutter Home. We also visited and toured Castello di Amorosa which was one of the most beautiful vineyards I have ever seen. I encourage all of you to travel to the Napa Valley area to go wine tasting as a ladies trip or even a great date!



So I moved to California…


Hey guys! I know, it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged but here’s why: I finished my junior year of college and have moved to the west coast for the summer! I was so stressed out my last weeks of college as I was completing the year as a Resident Assistant, wrapping up my last days at work, finishing finals, and trying to maintain my sanity. As I only want to put out great content, I decided to focus on finishing school and preparing for my big move to California and I would resume blogging after this was all done. So, I AM BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER. I am interning in the Silicon Valley as part of the Apple x TMCF (Thurgood Marshall College Fund) HBCU Scholars Program. I am extremely excited to be taking part in this opportunity and exploring everything Northern California has to offer. Thankfully, my mom and brother traveled to CA to help me get moved in. Now that I am here, I am ready to conquer the Silicon Valley. Prepare for travel posts, great restaurant finds, and of course outfit posts. Thanks for sticking by me throughout this journey and I can’t wait for you all to see everything I have planned for you.


Founding Farmers |Washington, DC

I recently visited Founding Farmers restaurant in Washington, DC when one of my friends who had been studying abroad in Spain returned. The food was amazing! First, we ordered cornbread for the table which had bits of corn inside and a side of butter. For our meals, I enjoyed the “glazed cedar plank salmon” with broccolini and mashed potatoes and my friend had the rotisserie chicken. I started with a glass of sweet tea but it did not match my southern preferences so I ordered an amazing glass of lemonade. If you’re in DC, I definitely recommend visiting Founding Farmers for lunch/dinner.


My Top 3 Airlines to Fly On


1. Delta Air Lines

Delta is definitely my favorite airline! I prefer to fly Delta for all flights but especially long flights. Delta has screens for longer flights that allow you to watch free movies and shows on Delta Studio. Aside from these screens, I find their seats extremely comfortable and the flight attendants are all great.

2. American Airlines

American is my second favorite and preferred airline. I am always able to find cheap prices and great seats on American flights! I have no complaints, usually, and find American Airlines to be extremely convenient. I do wish that American offered screens for free movies on longer flights. Other than that, I prefer to fly with this airline.

3. Southwest Airlines

I really only fly Southwest if I am flying with a lot of baggage. Southwest does not fly to as many locations as the other airlines thus I am not able to fly with Southwest as often. For example, I am originally from Savannah, GA and if I book a Southwest flight I will have to arrive in either Jacksonville, FL or Charleston, SC which are both an hour and a half driving difference from Savannah, GA. Aside from the lack of convenient destinations, Southwest ALWAYS has great prices and allows you to check two bags free.

Next time you’re booking a flight, try out these airlines!


Spring Break in New York

Instead of spending my Spring Break laid across a beach in a bikini in warm weather, I spent my Spring Break in New York. I am a resident assistant on campus so I had to stay on campus half a week. Thus, I was unable to spend my break in the ideal setting but I still managed to enjoy a relaxing Spring Break. I traveled to New York with my friend Saki and we chose to sight-see and shop in the city.


We visited the Museum of Sex which was highly recommended by friends.


We also visited the Museum of Modern Art. “Put some black girls in the MoMa”


And here are more pictures from our trip.